Everything you need to know about Pelleting.

Wikle consulting is a specialist in process development and toll processing using pellet mill technology from concept to completion. Experience helping business develop an idea into a revenue stream in various industries including but not limited to the following: food, agricultural, mineral, and plastics industries since 2000. Pelleting was used in the processes listed above to eliminate a negative characteristic of the product involved, low bulk density, increase flow ability, dedusting, change the form of the product to be better used later in the processor or end user specified. The development process starts by submitting a small sample for preliminary testing to determine feasibility of pelleting the product and sizing of equipment needed to produce the desired quantity per hour. A larger sample of the product is then tested to finalize sizing of equipment and to produce samples for customer review. Toll processing an be used to produce large volumes for customer and possibly continue during building of customers processing facility. If customer prefers Wikle consulting can continue processing customer’s product on a contract basis.

Wikle Pelleting Consultants is Freedom Equipment and Colorado Mill Equipment number one consultant.

Avoid mistakes that will set you back!

Jim Wikle is an excellent asset for anyone who is thinking about starting a pellet operation. He has an uncanny ability to diagnosis situations and come up with solutions that make sense. Jim is able to relate to the individuals that are in the trenches. Working with operations, he is able to develop SOPs and strategies that are effective long after he has left the site. Jim will help you avoid mistakes that will set you back

Robert Hubner COO